At the heart of the Swiss cosmetics and skincare brand, Mila d’Opiz is one phrase: Swiss Serenity. Every product that is created starts with this signature concept of Swiss Serenity in mind. From research to creation and then distribution, this is the cornerstone of Mila d’Opiz. But what exactly does this concept of Swiss Serenity entail? What does it mean to embody Swiss Serenity? It starts with enduring thoughts of purity, quality, nature, and peace, but it is much more than this. It enraptures sustainability, gentleness, freedom, innovation, and feeling like our whole selves.  

All of these values come together to make the premium skincare and cosmetic brand, Mila d’Opiz. Started by the legacy of founder Mila Opitz-Altherr, Swiss Serenity is a state of mind that is found at the center of each of Mila d’Opiz’s carefully created skincare and cosmetics products.  

When we think of Switzerland, we often think of many different images, such as soaring mountains, crisp and clear blue waters, and blankets of pure, white snow. These images in themselves may conjure up feelings of peacefulness, calm, and serenity. This is one part of the lasting effects that the phrase Swiss Serenity may have on us.  

However, Swiss Serenity is more than just a feeling that is evoked, it is a state of mind that Mila d’Opiz wishes all can eventually reach. The state of mind of complete bliss, where we can feel like our highest, most whole selves at one with nature. If we can achieve this state, we are limitless. We have complete freedom to be whoever we wish most to be. Each individual action we take can help us get closer to reaching this ascended state of mind, from what we think, what we read, what we do, and what we use on our bodies.   

At Mila d’Opiz, we think this Swiss Serenity state of mind is achievable if we can connect daily with ourselves and nature. Though what and how we think is integral to this goal, what we do for our bodies is also of utmost importance. We believe using the most natural and gentle products can help us achieve true serenity. Mila d’Opiz is committed to the purest, most natural products that do not harm the environment in which they come from. The commitment to not test cosmetics and skincare on animals, as well as to make and distribute products responsibly, are at the center of Swiss Serenity. We can reach a state of bliss and calm, by not causing undue harm to animals and the environment around us.   

By using skincare and cosmetics that do not cause any undue harm to animals or the environment, you are also closer to achieving that peaceful calm of Swiss Serenity. At Mila d’Opiz, all animal testing is rejected. Not only during the research and development process but also through using only raw materials that also have not been tested on animals. Though not tested on sentient beings, the raw materials are handled with utmost care through the research, development, and finalization of production. Finished items are then all tested thoroughly through other measures which are audited by oversight agencies and confirmed through ISO -and Swiss Medic certifications. All of these processes are conducted to ensure the highest quality of materials are effectively used without any harm done to others.  

Every action that Mila d’Opiz takes is deeply ingrained in this concept of Swiss Serenity. By ensuring that every skin care and cosmetic item is made with the utmost quality of natural ingredients, gentleness, and concern for animals and the environment around us, we can feel at peace using these products. Mila d’Opiz hopes to impart this tranquility and Swiss Serenity among all who seek this feeling, both inside and out.

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