At Mila d’Opiz, we carefully handpick our brand ambassadors, aligning ourselves with individuals who embody our core values and ethos. Join us as we herald a new chapter – the addition of exceptional talent to our family. We’re thrilled to introduce our new brand ambassador, the multi-talented Tanja La Croix. Internationally celebrated as a model, DJ, and trusted brand ambassador to top-tier companies, Tanja is a powerhouse of authenticity, bringing a fresh and dynamic edge to our brand. With her deep-rooted connection to Swiss values and our brand ethos, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her as our new brand ambassador.

Discovering Tanja La Croix

In a world where the spotlight often illuminates the fleeting and ephemeral, Tanja La Croix stands as a testament to lasting relevance. From gracing international catwalks as a renowned model to energizing event floors as a professional DJ, Tanja’s multifaceted career is both aspiring and awe-inspiring. But her professional prowess doesn’t stop there. As a brand ambassador, she has infused her unique personality into global brands, such as Maserati, BVLGARI, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst others.

Tanja’s professional track record speaks volumes about her commitment to quality. Whether she’s stirring up the dancefloor or crafting unforgettable moments at a private event, she ensures every aspect of her involvement radiates excellence. In her capacity as an event manager, she brilliantly converges diverse groups, creating a vibrant synergy that only enhances the experiences she curates.

About Mila d’Opiz: Authenticity, Innovation, and Tradition

Diving into the heart of our brand, Mila d’Opiz, we find authenticity, innovation, and tradition as our core guiding principles. Founded in 1938 by the dynamic and visionary Mila Opitz-Altherr, our brand stands as a shining beacon of Swiss skincare excellence, combining the best of science and nature to deliver superior products.

Interestingly, Mila d’Opiz was one of the first to introduce ampoule treatments, reflecting our strong commitment to innovation. The Skin Whisperer series, our groundbreaking product line, targets signs of aging using pioneering technology. Our products not only meet but surpass the highest Swiss quality standards, earning us a spot in the global skincare industry.

As a brand ambassador, I would describe Mila d'Opiz in three words: Authenticity. Heritage. Sustainability.

As a brand ambassador, I would describe Mila d’Opiz in three words: Authenticity. Heritage. Sustainability.

Her Early Connection with Mila d’Opiz

Interestingly, Tanja’s relationship with Mila d’Opiz began in her teenage years. “The first time I met Mila D`Opiz, I was 13 years old,” she shares. Introduced to our product line by her Gotti (godmother), she was drawn to our Sanddorn Cream from the Classics Line. The cream proved crucial in maintaining her skin’s balance during a stage of life when skincare was paramount. Today, years later, Tanja has a special affinity for our Hyaluronic line, praising its moisturizing effects and aptness for addressing the first signs of aging.

The Power of Swiss Beauty and Craftsmanship

The beauty of Switzerland lies not only in its stunning landscapes but also in its respect for quality, precision, and nature. The Swiss commitment to sustainable practices and nature conservation are integral parts of its identity, as well as the identity of Mila d’Opiz. Inspired by nature, we sustainably source all of our unique ingredients, may it be Swiss Edelweiss, Alpine glacier water, or rare Uttwiler Spatlauber apple stem cells.

In her journey, Tanja has always felt closely connected to the tranquility and serenity of Swiss beauty, which she believes is embodied in the nation’s natural landscapes. She is deeply inspired by the serenity of the mountains and the purity of waterfalls. This connection reinforces the synergy between her and our brand, known for its dedication to authentic Swiss craftsmanship.

A Synergy of Authenticity

When asked to encapsulate Mila d’Opiz in three words, Tanja chose “Authenticity, Heritage, and Sustainability”. These words not only reflect the brand’s core values but also mirror Tanja’s personal philosophy, further underlining the natural synergy between her and our brand.

Mila d’Opiz and Tanja La Croix share a deep-rooted commitment to authenticity and quality, both vital elements that breathe life into the work we do. Just as we meticulously craft skincare products using Swiss traditions and innovative science, Tanja approaches her work with equal fervor for authenticity and precision. The resultant connection between Tanja and our brand is a synergy of shared values and mutual respect for authentic craftsmanship.

Creating the Perfect Skincare Soundtrack

Tanja’s creativity doesn’t stop at mixing beats; she has imagined a unique soundtrack to her Mila d’Opiz skincare routine. She envisions a soundscape combining the sound of a dripping fountain on a pristine mountain meadow with a warm, positive melody of an alphorn, interspersed with the resonating power of a Chinese gong. This blend encapsulates freedom, purity, Swissness, and elegance — truly embodying the spirit of Mila d’Opiz.

Her unique talent for creating unforgettable experiences through her music extends to her role as a brand ambassador. She aims to integrate Mila d’Opiz into her events in a “playful and interactive way”, passing on shared values such as emotions, Swissness, and authenticity to her community and customers. This authentic representation of Mila d’Opiz is set to contribute another vibrant note to her ‘setlist’, promising to amplify the experiences she offers her audience.

Tanja’s Impact as Mila d’Opiz Brand Ambassador

The appointment of Tanja La Croix as our brand ambassador marks a significant milestone in our journey. Her versatile talent, charismatic personality, and commitment to authenticity beautifully complement our mission and values.

What’s more, Tanja’s commitment to societal causes aligns seamlessly with Mila d’Opiz’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. Her engagement with organizations like Save the Children and the Swiss Cancer League underscores her dedication to making a positive impact in society, mirroring our brand’s commitment to the environment and ethical sourcing.

About our Classics Line

In our unwavering pursuit of quality and authenticity, we’re delighted to present the Classics Collagen Rich Cream and ATP Eye Lift Gel.

The Classics Collagen Rich Cream, inspired by the serene Swiss mountains, offers a peaceful and tranquil skincare experience. It combats dry, rough, and stressed skin, making it soft and supple. This cream’s unique formula regenerates and rebuilds your skin, smoothing out imperfections and giving your skin a revitalized, healthy glow. It truly captures the essence of the Swiss Alps, invigorating your skin and spirit with each use.

Our Classics ATP Eye Lift Gel encapsulates the freshness of Swiss waterfalls. This slightly cooling eye gel reduces swelling and diminishes under-eye bags and dark circles. In addition, it prevents lines and wrinkles while improving skin suppleness. Its innovative formula delivers a refreshing experience, akin to standing by a cascading waterfall in Switzerland’s heart.

Our Classics Line, a tribute to our enduring tradition and quality, features products loved by many, including Tanja herself. The Sanddorn Cream played a crucial role in her skincare journey. This line continues to provide balanced and effective skincare solutions that reflect the brand’s authenticity, heritage, and sustainability.

In welcoming Tanja La Croix to the Mila d’Opiz family, we’re also welcoming a fresh wave of versatility and excellence. As she steps into her role as our brand ambassador, we’re certain she will embody and enhance our commitment to providing top-quality, authentic skincare products. We warmly invite you to join us on this exciting journey and stay tuned for the incredible initiatives and developments that lie ahead. With Tanja La Croix and Mila d’Opiz, the future of skincare looks brighter than ever.

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