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The Swiss family business Mila d’Opiz ranks among the most innovative cosmetics manufacturers in the world and one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Switzerland. In St. Gallen the long-standing company develops and produces cosmetics and care products for the whole world, offering products on every continent, in over 40 countries. The range already includes more than 150 products, and new ones are added regularly. Mila d’Opiz focuses entirely on the cornerstones of quality, innovation, responsibility and partnership.


Luxury Beauty

Quality, innovation, responsibility and partnership As an internationally active family company in its third generation, we have specialised in the research, development and production of high-quality cosmetics. The Mila d’Opiz brand and the philosophy behind it are a promise to our customers. A promise of uncompromising quality.


Since the first creation of Mila d'Opiz, the quality of the products has been central. From high-quality ingredients to the composition of the product to the packaging: we do not compromise on quality.


Innovation is the essential element in the cosmetics industry. In the shape of "The Skin Whisperer" and "Phyto DS Forbidden Serum" we were able to create two trailblazing products within just a few years. 80 years after the first cream, our spirit of invention does not rest long.


We have a responsibility towards our customers, our employees and nature. We offer our customers uncompromising quality. And we care for nature, as a result, we do not experiment on animals and we consistently use environmentally friendly packaging.


Without the right partners, Mila d'Opiz AG would not be what it is today. Since our founding, we have grown with selected partners. Some partnerships have existed since the first exports in 1950. Such long-term relationships, based on the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge, are difficult to find nowadays and are therefore enormously valuable.

The Mila d’Opiz Malaysia brand and the philosophy behind it are a promise to our customers. Here are the values we believe in.
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As a cosmetics company with international responsibility, it is very important to us to produce and distribute our products in an environmentally friendly way. We think long-term and have therefore taken various measures to ensure the sustainable development of the Mila d’Opiz brand and for the benefit of our employees. Even the first cream was organic.
Responsible handling & Environmentally friendly production
Mila d’Opiz supports the uniqueness and beauty of every man and woman, responding to the needs of different skin types. For us, “Swissness” embodies a promise of quality.
We consistently reject animal testing

And not just in our own research and development: we only use raw materials that have not been tested on animals.

Our area of responsibility entails careful handling of all raw materials as well as training of all employees and continuous expansion and sustainable investment.

Our production processes are also regularly checked by auditors. In addition to the Swiss-Medic certificate, we also have the Cosmetics GMP, Pharma GMP as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certificates.

Mila d’Opiz creates sustainable and resource-saving products with the greatest respect for the environment. This is why our products are produced exclusively in Switzerland, a location that offers many product-quality and environmental benefits.

The water used is of drinking quality, as it is cleaned and treated in our state-of-the-art microfiltration plant. Certified suppliers ensure that only the best natural raw materials are used.


Luxury Beauty

Needs and trends change: how Mila d’Opiz manages to stay in the lead.

Since its founding, Mila d’Opiz has aimed to create high-quality cosmetics for different customer needs.

Nothing is as close to us as our own skin. And yet it is full of secrets. We want to know all about skin and its characteristics and about the effect that different substances have – even those that have not been linked to cosmetics yet. It is this that makes us one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

We have cutting-edge laboratories for our research, but: no experiments on animals! We consistently reject these. Our Research team has already succeeded in many breakthroughs in the cosmetics industry

over 80 years of experience


What leads many people to Mila d’Opiz today was also the initial spark behind the company in 1938: the search for a good face cream. Since company founder Mila Opitz-Altherr found nothing suitable at that time for her skin problems, she began to manufacture cosmetics herself – at the beginning of an exciting story that we tell here through the milestones.
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