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As one of the top three skincare and cosmetics brands in Switzerland, Mila d’Opiz is renowned for its entire range of products that are fast-acting, effective, modern, and formulated with natural ingredients, with a focus on anti-aging properties. The year 2022 was a remarkable achievement for Mila d’Opiz’s distributors in Singapore and Malaysia. After a year of hard work and dedication, they successfully introduced Mila d’Opiz skincare and cosmetics, akin to Hollywood star standards, into the Singapore and Malaysia markets!

To reward all the distributor families who contributed to the success of Mila d’Opiz, Teri Wong, the exclusive distributor for Singapore and Malaysia, hosted a cocktail banquet. Over a hundred distributors attended this grand event, where they were honored with the highest accolades!

Of note, Ms. Caroline Studer, the Executive Director of Mila d’Opiz, traveled all the way from Switzerland to attend this banquet, creating the most exciting moment of the celebration. As the third-generation successor of Mila d’Opiz beauty enterprise, Caroline’s visit to Malaysia was primarily to personally engage with the distributor partners in Singapore and Malaysia, and to express gratitude for their support and trust in the Mila d’Opiz brand.

‘Mila d’Opiz is going to luxury direction.’ — Caroline Studer, Executive Director of Mila d’Opiz Group

Over the years, Mila d’Opiz has weathered the test of time, embodying a spirit of excellence to bring the highest quality skincare and cosmetics to modern individuals. Founded by Ms. Mila Opitz-Altherr, a dermatologist, in 1938, the brand quickly gained fame in the Swiss beauty industry with its anti-allergy and anti-aging creams, creating significant ripples in the market. To this day, Mila d’Opiz remains dedicated to raising awareness about beauty and health. With over 400 products known across five continents for their rapid effectiveness, modernity, pure natural ingredients, non-pollution, and non-contamination, Mila d’Opiz is acclaimed as one of Switzerland’s top three skincare and cosmetics brands, available in 42 countries worldwide.

While women often resort to injections or surgery in pursuit of beauty, Mila d’Opiz advocates that achieving beauty can be as simple as using high-quality products. Mila d’Opiz adheres to the highest standards of stem cell technology (extracts from wild apples, wild roses, etc.) combined with the pure water from Switzerland’s highest mountains. Mila d’Opiz’s high-quality natural skincare products are both safe and reassuring, providing a skincare experience that embodies “Feel Serenity”. More than just skincare and beauty, these high-quality natural skincare products nurture the soul: Feel confident, feel free, feel the joy of life, feel natural, feel one with yourself — all derived from the luxurious experience of Mila d’Opiz’s high-quality natural skincare products.

As a premium anti-aging skincare brand, Mila d’Opiz leads the aristocratic beauty trend, boasting over 15 skincare lines that authentically address various skin concerns. Mila d’Opiz’s pioneering cell-to-cell cutting-edge technology sets the standard for intercellular transmission in skincare development globally, earning multiple accolades at the prestigious European beauty Oscars. Today, the Mila d’Opiz group brings together over 300 top researchers in the anti-aging field, deeply studying and developing cutting-edge bio-technical skincare products to effectively address a variety of skin issues, realizing the beauty dreams of professional beauticians and consumers alike for flawless skin.

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