Active Ingredients active complex
Vitamin E
White water lily Nymphaea Alba
Passionflower essence
Cornflower essence

Benefits and Usage

  • Soothing care with UVA protection
  • Alleviates itchiness, redness
  • Anti-bacterial, counteracts the formation of comedones, regulates cell growth
  • Balancing, refreshing, toning and astringent
  • Normalizes sebum production, improves skin elasticity

Skin Clear
Purifying Cream


This moisturising day cream has a clarifying and mattifying effect that makes it perfect for problem skin. It has an active ingredient complex that acts on three levels to alleviate irritation, balance the skin and help it maintain its own defences. Complexion is visibly normalised. Dry, flaky areas become supple again, and skin looks fresh and radiant.

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