Active Ingredients active complex
Passionflower essence
White water lily (Nymphaea alba)
Micro Silver

Benefits and Usage

  • Moisturizing, invigorating
  • Supports skin against free radicals
  • Soothing, balancing and refreshing
  • Normalizes the sebum production
  • Acts against impurities and bacterial growth
  • Offers a healthy and fresh looking skin
  • Matifying care, also suitable for men skin

Skin Clear
Purifying Serum


This light concentrate contains microsilver and a complex of active ingredients that regulates and normalises sebum production and neutralises impurities. The serum is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and looking radiant. The appearance of the skin is visibly and lastingly improved, and the epidermis is left strengthened and protected from harmful environmental influences. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

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