What is Hormonal Skin Aging?

Skin aging is influenced by various factors, both genetic and environmental, as well as hormonal.

From a scientific, dermatological and endocrine point of view, the hormone oestrogen plays an important role in skin aging.

It is a fact that lifestyle and environment can have a great influence on our aging. Negative effects on skin aging are also caused by nicotine and alcohol, stress, solaria and sun rays, too little sleep, as well as air pollution. Visible signs in the form of wrinkles, dark shadows around the eyes and skin pigmentation are all results of skin aging.

During our lifetime, the production of different hormones is reducing and changing continuously. It can lead to different illnesses associated with aging such as arthrosis, osteoporosis and cancer. The aim of many researchers is to discover the requirements for longevity. The hormonal skin aging becomes noticeable through the breakdown of collagen fibre, through slowing down of cell renewal and the diminishing capability to retain moisture.

With this concern in mind, the internationally recognized researcher, Brigitte Signer who is also an expert in the field of Anti-Aging cosmetics has worked with Mila d’Opiz for more than 20 years in developing all Mila d’Opiz’ Anti-aging products. Her latest success was in developing the highly-concentrated and effective plant complex, known as Phyto 4.7 complex which fights hormonal skin aging.

What are Phyto 4.7 complex made up of?

Hormonal aging, which is most prevalent in female skin is largely due to the lack of oestrogen hormone which happens during the stages of menopause.

Phyto 4.7 is perfect for combating hormonal aging as it is a multifunctional and well-balanced combination of natural plant extracts. This active plant complex is specially developed to balance the effect of female hormones on the skin.

The most important plant extracts in Phyto 4.7 are:

  1. Wild yam: Yam root extract with therapeutic properties which includes anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial & antioxidant properties.
  2. Black cohosh: Also known as ‘fairy candle’ used in homoeopathy, which is the natural system of healing and serves as a replacement for synthetic hormones.
  3. Soya bean: Rich in Phyto-oestrogens and contains a significant amount of amino acids & omega 6 fatty acids which allows it to act as an emulsifier for many anti-aging cosmetic products.
  4. Kudzu: A medicinal plant from Japan which is high in isoflavone. Isoflavone has a stimulating effect on collagen and elastin production in the skin.
  5. Pomegranate: The oil extracted from its seeds has 3 to 4 times higher antioxidant effect than green tea in fighting free radicals and most importantly it helps to delay the aging process and prevent wrinkles. It also contains Bioactive ingredients which support cell regeneration.
  6. Angelica polymorpha sinensis (Dong quai): Has a hormone balancing effect along with high vitamin E, A and B12 concentrations. It also improves blood circulation to enhance skin renewal.
  7. Japanese knotweed: Contains high concentrations of the powerful anti-aging flavonoid called ‘resveratrol’, it is anti-inflammatory and harmonizes allergic reactions.

By combating hormonal skin aging with Phyto 4.7, visible refining of lines and wrinkles can be achieved. The Phyto-oestrogens of Phyto 4.7 have a similar structure to hormones which is sufficient to help your skin achieve cosmetic effects without influencing your body’s individual hormonal balance.


Phyto de Luxe means well-being on the highest level. Phyto de Luxe is the luxurious skincare experience with the most precious ingredients the plant world has to offer.

Phyto de Luxe’s hormone balancing anti-aging care will ensure that your skin gets 24 hours protection against signs of aging!

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