Active Ingredients

Polymers and silicone resins
Spherical polymer
Vitamin A
Vitamin E

Benefits and Usage

  • Perfect Blemish Balm is an oil free formula with a soft and creamy texture. The finish is mat with a velvety feel. Pure perfection in one product
  • The presence of a new silicone resin provides a long lasting effect and an excellent adhesion
  • The spherical polymer has a high affinity with the skin so that the spreading of the product acquires an optimal and even coverage
  • Perfect Blemish Balm is the ideal product to cover all skin imperfections with a natural result
  • Optimal product for sensitive, reactive skin

Final Touch
Blemish Balm Porcelain


This velvety-soft make-up offers excellent coverage, perfectly smoothing out uneven areas. Special active ingredients including algae extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E work together to reduce wrinkles in the skin, increasing its elasticity and resilience and providing it with moisture. Our “Porcelain” shade is suitable for particularly light skin.

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